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Why Study Aikido?
The Benefits Extend Beyond The Physical

Aikido is a powerful and highly-effective form of unarmed self-defense, perhaps the very best, since it aims ultimately at the end of all conflict. Additionally, Aikido is a superb all-around conditioning activity that develops endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. (The wind training in Aikido can be anaerobic or aerobic, depending on the intensity and duration of the practice.) Just taking the falls demanded of the attacker's role makes you far more sure of yourself on life's sometimes uneven path.

But the benefits extend beyond the physical. Aikido provides the kind of regular, never-ending practice that is rare in our culture: something reliable to fall back on during nerve-racking times. This may become more apparent by reading the comments below from students of Mumonkan-Do Aikido:


"For me, the two most important benefits of Aikido training have been an increase in self-confidence as well as a calmness that I think surrounds me when I go out into the world." -T.B.


"The purpose of Aikido training is many-fold, but perhaps it can be best summed up in the expression 'self-discovery'. For me, Aikido as been a vehicle for questioning who I am and what I am capable of." -M.S.

Dynamic Change:

"You will find that your sleeping patterns will change, your diet will change, and your energy levels will change; your relationships, if they do change, change for the better." -T.M.


"After some particular workouts, I feel like I'm flying. I am beat, exhausted, but i have this feeling inside that is just a wonderful feeling." -J.S.

Stress Reduction:

"I have found that no matter how stressed out I am, no matter how tough the day has been, when I get here it puts me in a good state of mind." -B.B.

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