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About The Instructors

The instructors at Mumonkan-Do Aikido have 20-30 years of experience in the art of Aikido. They have all trained diligently to obtain their rank, and they continue to develop themselves as teachers. When you visit us, you will see that our dojo, our teaching methods, and our dedication speak for themselves.

Lori A. Parker, Ph.D.

Parker Sensei

Parker Sensei, President of the Irvine Branch, began her Aikido training in 1980 and served as uch-deshi (apprentice) to Tourda Sensei from 1981-1986. She holds a California Community College teaching credential and she taught Aikido at Orange Coast College for 25 years. Though retired now from her position at Orange Coast College, she continues as the senior instructor at Mumonkan-Do Aikido. Click here for more about Parker Sensei.

Douglas H. McBratney, M.S.

McBratney Sensei

McBratney Sensei began his Aikido training in 1985 and served as uchi-deshi (apprentice) to Parker Sensei from 1987-1993. Mr. McBratney has a Master of Science Degree in the field of Exercise Physiology. He created the Youth Aikido Program at the Mumonkan-Do dojo in 1991. McBratney Sensei is currently on a leave of absence so that he can spend more time with his 6 children.

Tom Brooks, B.S.

Brooks Sensei

Brooks Sensei began his training in 1988 and served as uch-deshi (apprentice) to Parker Sensei from 1994-1999. Mr. Brooks has a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology and has taught as an adjunct professor of Physical Education at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa (specializing in Aikido instruction). Though a job transfer in 2005 resulted in him moving out of the state, Brooks Sensei remains dedicated to understanding the principles of Aikido at a deeper level, and to implementing the principles of Aikido in his daily life. He continues to help the dojo in any way that he can, even though he had to discontinue his formal training and is no longer able to formally teach at the dojo.

Gary Okuma, B.S.

Okuma Senpai

Replacing McBratney Sensei and Brooks Sensei is Senpai Okuma. Senpai Okuma has a Bachelor's Degree in Crop Science and has been a dedicated student of Mumonkan-Do Aikido since 1988. He has been instructing both youth and adults since 2005. Senpai Okuma retired from teaching in June, 2018 because he was needed at home, to care for his aging mother.

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