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Additional Classes

Increase the effortlessness and power of your Aikido technique with our Meditative Movement Classes.

Meditative Movement Group Classes

6:00 am - 7:00 am  
  8:00 am - 9:00 am

Classes are approximately 50 minutes long, and cost $15.00 per class. You simply pay when you attend; there is no monthly fee.

Private Meditative Movement Sessions

Private sessions are available. Please e-mail us (dojo@integrationforall.com) for more information.

Things To Know Before You Come To Class

What happens in a Meditative Movement Class?

In Meditative Movement Group Classes, students are verbally directed through movement sequences designed to produce ease and grace in movement. In these lessons, the whole organism (the nervous system, the musculature, and the skeleton) is engaged in harmonious and focused movement. The movements are carried out very slowly so that one can use the movements to become aware of bracing patterns in the body, to become aware of extra efforting.

As one becomes aware of this "holding", or "bracing", or "extra efforting", one is able to gradually inhibit the impulse or urge to "brace against", to "hold on", or to "try too hard". Gradually, one's movements become more fluid and effortless. These lessons have a profound effect on one's ability to act with precisions, power, and spontaneity.

How can Meditative Movement affect my Aikido training?

The "do" of "Aikido" is translated as "The Way". It refers simply to a spiritual path or a way of life. Incorporated in the philosophy of Aikido is harmony with nature. We practice this physically by trying to harmonize with our attacker, rather than oppose him or her. But this is simply a means to an end... We seek, ultimately, to be in harmony with nature itself.

Nature grows spontaneously, according to the inner promptings of its being. Nature is incapable of habitual, compulsive, or contrived behavior. There is, then, both an effortless and a spontaneous quality to the movement of nature. We cannot force grass to grow.

Two of the qualities that Aikidoka (students of Aikido) strive to develop, then, are spontaneous and effortless movement, which is to say, spontaneous and effortless behavior. Many problems in life are caused by doing too much rather than doing too little. We often seem determined to effort excessively, even when little or no effort is required. We can see this in our Aikido techniques - this tendency to over-effort.

Meditative Movement Classes are designed to:

  • Increase awareness of extra efforting in one's movements
  • Decrease habitual movement (and thus habitual behavior)
  • Increase spontaneity of movement (and thus spontaneous behavior)
  • Decrease compulsivity in movement (and thus compulsive behavior)
  • Reduce and, in most cases, eliminate chronic pain or tension

If this is your first Meditative Movement Class at the dojo:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in easily.
  • E-mail us (dojo@integrationforall.com) at least three days before the class, to let us know that you will be coming. This allows the instructor to plan a lesson that is suitable for a beginner. If you have any physical limitations or chronic pain, please let us know. These conditions are easily accommodated.
  • Note that we cannot accept credit cards or debit cards for payment. Please bring a check (made out to Lori Parker) or cash as payment for your class.

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