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Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents observe classes?

Parents, other family members, and friends are welcome to observe the classes at any time.

Can parents participate with their children?

Yes. Many parents have trained with their children at Mumonkan-Do Aikido, and have found the experience highly satisfying. Other parents choose to train in an Adult Class instead of the Youth Class. In either case, your participation in Aikido shows your child that you are interested and find importance in what they do, more than words possibly could.

Do you have any student discounts?

Yes. Additional family members who train in either Adult or Youth Classes are eligible for a $10.00 discount per class. Also, students training in a second session are entitled to a $10.00 discount. The maximum discount is $10.00 per student, per class.

What is Dojo Etiquette?

In order to teach students courtesy and respect, we expect everyone (teachers and students) to follow certain behavioral guidelines while in the Dojo. The term typically used is "Dojo Etiquette".

What kind of uniform is required?

Students at the Mumonkan-Do Aikido dojo traditionally wear a Judo gi, which is heavier than a Karate gi and stands up better to rigorous training, grabs, and throws. Juo gis must be white or off-white, and all students begin by wearing a white belt. Uniforms are available for purchase at the dojo.

The uniforms are 100% cotton, and are not preshrunk. You may want to purchase your gi in advance of your first class, so that you can wash it before wearing it for the first time. If this is not possible, you are still welcome to train, but you may find the uniform stiff and oversized until it is washed.

Do your students participate in tournaments?

No. As envisioned by the Founder of Aikido, the art is not competitive. This is, in fact, what distinguished Aikido from most other popular martial arts. There are no tournaments or other forms of competition.

Is there a Mumonkan-Do Aikido training manual?

The martial art of Aikido is comprised of over 3,000 techniques. Although we cannot possibly fit them all into one booklet, many of the techniques which are appropriate for younger students have been selected and compiled into a training manual. This manual also contains important information on Dojo Etiquette and Dojo Terminology. Any student who plans to continue their Aikido training will find this manual very useful. Students may bring the manual to class as well as use it at home.

Can you recommend any books on Aikido?

The Mumonkan-Do syllabus is an excellent source for those interested in supplemental reading material on Aikido and the martial arts in general. It was compiled by the senior instructors at Mumonkan-Do Aikido and is designed to give students an enhanced understanding of martial arts training in general, and Aikido training in particular. The syllabus is ideal for adults and teens, but some of the articles may be a bit too philosophical for younger readers.

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