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Freeing The Neck, Relaxing The Jaw, Softening The Face

"I was extremely tense all day yesterday. By the time I got home from work, the muscles throughout my upper body were sore and tender. It wasn’t even pleasant to lie down… everything was tight and painful. So I decided to try a couple lessons from your Neck, Jaw, and Face series. That pain and tension seem to reduce with each movement and with each breath. After I finished the lessons, I practically “floated” into bed -- totally free from that terrible tightness that I’d experienced an hour before. I slept straight through the entire night like a baby. That’s it . . . I’m addicted!" -Ana Tevka, Administrative Assistant

"I did one of the lessons from your Neck, Jaw, and Face series last night. I enjoyed it so much that I did a second one right afterward. I’ve taken the Group Classes at your center for almost two years now. I couldn't imagine that the Audio Files would be as engaging and challenging as the "in person classes", but they were! I went to bed shortly after finishing the second lesson, and got a wonderful night’s sleep. The next day I was almost late to work because I slept right through my alarm! I was also amazed at how much my stress levels were positively affected. When I was on way to work I noticed that I didn't feel as "hypervigilent" as I often do. I didn't really understand why that was until I finished listening to your Introductory material which explained how the neck, jaw & face are intricately connected to our stress response system. The overall relaxation, coupled with the amount of stress-relief that I experienced from these lessons in particular, left me with a wonderful, peaceful feeling. Thank you for putting this series together." -Jennifer Manzella, Civilian Officer, NBPD

"I've only done 3 of the ATM lessons from your new series for the Neck, Jaw, and Face, but I had to tell you I love them! I enjoy the information you provide along the way... great reminders. I also like that it has tracks as this makes it sooooo much easier to get where you want in an efficient manner. I very much appreciate the intro material as well. You really did an incredible job. You've got a wonderfully soothing voice and you speak at the perfect pace." -Shelia Kuhn, Entrepreneur

          This series of lessons is an innovative and effective movement awareness program that will give you the tools you need to find your way back to a more relaxed and pain-free state. It is for sufferers of Neck Pain, TMJ, Dysfunction Headaches, and Chronic Stress. The lessons are designed not only to reduce - and quite possibly eliminate - pain and tension in the neck, jaw, and face, but also to help restore the optimum functioning of your Autonomic Nervous System (the stress control mechanism in your body).

          The series includes an informative introduction in which Lori A. Parker explains how excessive tension in the area of your neck, jaw, and face might not only lead to painful necks, painful jaws, and headaches, but also to a malfunction of the stress control mechanism in your body. When this mechanism is malfunctioning, you will feel less and less able to cope with the stressors in your life. NOTE: This Introductory Material is included in the Series, but is also available as a separate purchase (for those who would like to learn more about the method before purchasing the entire set).

          Lori A. Parker, GCFP, SEP, Ph.D. is not only a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, but also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®. Somatic Experiencing® is a method designed to restore the optimum functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System. Dr. Parker has written extensively on the function of the Autonomic Nervous System and about how to go about restoring its balance.

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