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Private lesson           "The Feldenkrais Method is an incredible system and a must for anyone who suffers from chronic pain and loss of flexibility or function in the neck, spine, lower back, or extremities." -Alex Shester, MD

"After receiving a private lesson at the Center for Integration, I had this incredibly light feeling. It was as if my movements were effortless. I remember thinking, 'This is how the skeleton and musculature is supposed to function.'" -William Barber, Chef Instructor

          Private lesson

Group lesson           "I am continually amazed at the results of this work. After a lesson, everything looks more clear, more defined; the colors are so pure. It is remarkable that the smallest of movements can result not only in greater ease of movement, but also in such clarity of vision." -Sheri Shields, Entrepreneur

"As I laid on the table after a private lesson, I felt overall more connected - more integrated. Then when I stood up, I felt very heavy - very solid - as if I was deeply rooted in the earth. A sense of euphoria flooded over me and in response to this new sensation and feeling, I burst into spontaneous laughter." -Stephanie Jones, MA

          Private lesson

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