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Mindfulness Matters

A 3-Week (21-Day) Sampler Course

Course Contents

  • This is NOT an on-line course. You will be able to download all three weeks at once . . . (21 days), so that you can proceed at your own pace.

  • This is NOT your typical Mindfulness Course. To understand why we say that, please read more about the course or watch the course description.

  • This course is designed to supplement your work with your therapist or Health Care Practitioner. It can also be a "stand alone course" for those not currently working with another professional.

  • Each week you will find a short "self-regulation" technique. There is a PowerPoint explaining how & why the technique works, and the importance of the technique. You will also receive a video of Dr. Parker demonstrating the technique.

  • Each week you will find a Mini Movement Awareness Lesson that will reinforce, or make easier, the Self-Regulating Technique that you receive on Day 1 of that week. These short lessons can also be used as "stand alone" lessons to do each night before bed, should you choose to do so!

  • Each Day you will find a "Daily Note." You can either read these notes or listen to them. They are presented in both formats. These Daily Notes guide you, step by step, in how to become more mindful and more embodied in the context of daily life.

    These notes also clarify the challenges inherent in doing so. This serves to help individuals to be more compassionate with themselves. Dr. Parker believes, that only in becoming more mindful, more embodied, and more compassionate with one's self, can individuals reduce, and possibly even eliminate, the unnecessary suffering they unwittingly and unknowingly, cause themselves and their loved ones.

  • Each Day you find a "Daily Life Practice." This is an essential part of this course. This will help you to not simply “take in” the information on a mental level. This is EMBODIED MINDFULNESS which goes beyond just general awareness.

  • On many of the days there are either "Bonus Excerpts" or "Bonus Notes."
    • Bonus Excerpts are excerpts from previous writings of Dr. Parker, which you otherwise wouldn't have access to. But they are relevant for this course and are intended to be inspirational.

    • Bonus Notes... are basically "afterthoughts" that Dr. Parker believes will be helpful for those embarking on this Mindfulness Journey. Or she would have some experience that illustrates what we are focused on in this course. The intent is to increase your understanding of the importance of this course and/or to increase your motivation to continue through this course.

We recommend that you glance over the quotes about the course, as these quotes may also give you a better sense of the content and value.

You can order the course on the MCHI Press section of our website.

Be sure to check out any Special Discounts we may be offering "in the moment" as listed on the payment page. Instructions for how to purchase this course are also on this page!

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