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Creating Space For Your Lungs

What People Are Saying About The
"Creating Space For Your Lungs" Series

"In this series, we are reminded, more than once, to let go of any notions we have about ourselves and go only by what we are sensing in the present moment. We are also reminded throughout, not to judge our present moment experience. Just these reminders would be worth the price of this series. The fact that Lori Parkerís movement lessons are strikingly impactful is, for me, "icing on the cake."

J.D. Simpson
Executive Assistant

"I have been involved with the Feldenkrais method for several years. I attend weekly classes, and do daily awareness lessons at home. So over time, I have been exposed to many great practitioners. But there seems to be something unique about the series: Creating Space For Your Lungs. Lori Parkerís subtly nuanced, yet exacting style of delivery may well be at the heart of this uniqueness. While doing one lesson in particular (Lesson # 6), I experienced a shift in my nervous system that was both significant and memorable. It left me feeling grateful and eager to explore what else might unfold as I continue doing these lessons over time."

Christopher Cooper
Retired Chemistry Professor

"After years in a high stress job, I became aware of just how shallow my breathing tends to be.† I knew that I could "force myself" to take a deeper breath. †But I didnít really know how to alter my shallow breathing pattern in any kind of permanent or organic manner.† Doing these movement lessons leave me hopeful that I can indeed, organically learn how to breathe easier and more deeply than I typically do.

After doing several of the lessons from the Creating Space For The Lungs Series, I began to notice that throughout the day I would spontaneously begin†to take in more air than I typically do. It was as if I had some new awareness (perhaps at a subconscious level) of the NEED for more air.† I would also notice, throughout the day, that my breathing felt deeper and easier than it typically does."

Crystal Grover
Retired COO

"Dr. Parkerís introduction alone is an invaluable educational tool.† I found the movement lessons equally valuable Ė even in some ways that I had not anticipated.†† After the very first lesson, I noticed an expansion that seemed to encompass both my body and mind (perhaps due to the new-found freedom in my breathing).† This expansion allowed me to notice something that I had not noticed before.† I happened to glance at a thank-you note from a student of mine, and noticed, for the first time, that she had signed it "With love." †At that moment, I was also†overcome with a deep sense that my student truly meant it.† That too, was new.† Somehow, it seems, the lesson had led to an increase in self-awareness, a greater openness, and a new-found freedom, that, in turn, enabled me to see the words I had not seen before.† But it also seem to enable me to really sense, at a bodily level, the truth†of my studentís words. I am looking forward to the rest of the series and to how the lessons might not only lead to a healthier breathing pattern but also to what else I might be missing!"

Katie Ledsinger
SEP, Classical Pianist

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