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Polyvagal Theory Set

Quotes About Polygaval Theory for the Lay Person

"A superb presentation that makes the Polyvagal Theory come alive and make embodied sense."

"The nicely-punctuated audio 'chapters' make it easy to revisit the sections that were particularly relevant for me and my client base."

"As a bodyworker, just listening to the discussion(s) about how whiplash can potentially effect the vagus nerve and how whiplash might, therefore, impact the functioning of the Social Engagement System, made this purchase worth it. But I also gained a great deal from hearing the questions from the audience addressed by Dr. Shield. I found that I had many of the same questions."

"Benjamin's soothing voice and organized presentation makes you want to listen and to digest this challenging, but important, material."

"The material is dense and rich but never overwhelming. Well worth the money."

"Very professional presentation and very helpful . . . I thought I had a good grasp on Porges' theory, but Dr. Shield's lecture enriched my understanding to the point where I now feel comfortable talking with my clients and other therapists about the theory."

"Dr. Shield's review of Porges' summary of his article - where Benjamin attemps to 'turn Porges into English' - alone makes this a bargain!"

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