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In Search Of Harmony

Quotes about the eBook

"I have not read any martial arts books in their entirety in a long time, simply because I got burned out on them. I know there is more I could get out of them, but I simply had no motivation to read them. In Search of Harmony is different. It caused me to look at Aikido and at myself from another perspective. You might say other books describe a martial art from the outside then drill in to varying depths, while In Search of Harmony takes Aikido from its very center and expands outward. It is a fascinating book and I would recommend it to anyone, even someone not in the martial arts." -Sensei Doug McBratney, Aikido Instructor, Chapman University

"I completed In Search of Harmony in a matter of days because I could not put it down. I found the book inspirational, thought-provoking, rewarding, and above all else a wonderful guide for self-evaluation and improvement. It is one I will reference often and cherish always. Dr. Parker is a fantastic writer with great insight into the human condition." -Ron McDevitt, Educator

"In Search of Harmony has something for everyone interested in Aikido - from the complete novice to the experienced practitioner. I have been training for 10 years, and I have dedicated myself to applying the principles of Aikido to daily life situations. Yet the day after I completed reading In Search of Harmony, I found myself using something that I read in the book - something that previously had never occurred to me. I have no doubt that In Search of Harmony will serve as a ready reference for handling other potential conflicts - on the job or off." -Jon Rohrer, Bridge Construction Manager

"Over the years, I have attempted to apply the principles of Aikido in my daily life. It has been a challenging endeavor, to say the least. Most of the time, I found myself puzzled and frustrated. In Search of Harmony helped clear my clouded vision so that I could better understand my actions in general, and the internal conflict I felt in particular. It has helped me to understand the various forces influencing my behavior. And it has helped me to see how I, myself, have erected barriers that block me from what it is that I desire. In Search of Harmony can be thought of as an 'owner's manual' of sorts - a source book that can be returned to, time and time again, by all those seeking a more harmonious existence." -Joel Griffin, Fire Captain and Paramedic


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