Safe & Sound Protocol image depicting cues of safety) -- normal heart rate, normal blood pressure, etc.

Internal Cues of Safety

Following are just examples. You may come up with your own.

  • Relaxed muscle tone in general/fluid movement/reduced pain.
  • Relaxed abdomen in particular
  • Slow, easy, unlabored breathing
  • Normal resting heartrate (neither too fast or too slow)
  • Blood Pressure Normal
  • Hands & Feet warm
  • Emotional state: calm – pleasurable
  • Higher brain function accessible
  • Clear thinking; social engagement easy
  • No sense of hyper-vigilance/excessive alertness

Behavioral Cues of Safety

  • Relaxed & Composed
  • Open & Connected
  • Curious
  • Capacity for Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation
Image of little girl looking through a magnifying glass suggesting a return to curiosity after doing Safe & Sound Protocol