Besides our EMM Movement Classes, which are designed to expand and complete your internal (subconscious) self-image, we are in the process of developing EMM classes that support and enhance what occurs in private EMM sessions.  These classes will be designed to stand on their own (meaning that, for the most part, you will need no prior experience).  These classes will also be of benefit to those who have experienced private EMM sessions.

These classes will permit us to expose a larger number of people to EMM and to the Benefits of EMM. At the same time, these classes will support and enhance the insights and awarenesses gained by those who have already been exposed to Embodied Mindfulness via private sessions.  If you would like to get a glimpse of what some of these individuals have experienced as the result of their private sessions, click here.

These Special Topic EMM Classes, as the name implies, will be topic-specific. Which Special Topic Class will be offered at any given point in time will be determined by demand. We will begin, though, with classes that break down the Embodied Mindfulness Method™ into its primary components. These classes will be both informational and experiential. The primary components of the EMM Method include:

  • Using movement to complete and expand one’s internal (subconscious) self-image.
  • Identifying habitual responses to stress.
  • Identifying Habitual Developmental Adaptive Styles.
  • Building one’s capacity for affect tolerance.
  • Building one’s capacity for sustaining attention.
  • Identifying core identities.
  • Retraining attentional biases.

Once the “basics” of the method have been introduced, we can move to applying EMM to both “Symptom Relief” (e.g., chronic pain, depression, anxiety, chronic anger/rage, etc.) and “Personal Goals” (e.g., increasing spontaneous self-expression, enhancing one’s sense of freedom and choice, or increasing one’s sense of connection to self and others).

Since we do not have a specific date, at this point, for when the Special Topic Classes will begin, the EMM Movement Classes are a very good place to start.  There, you will begin to complete and expand your internal self-image and, at the same time, develop some of the basic skills utilized in EMM:

  • You will begin to develop your ability to aim your attention, and sustain your attention, on something in particular.
  • You will begin to develop your capacity for observing yourself in a non-judgmental way.  Observing yourself in a non-judgmental way is continually reinforced in these classes.
  • You will begin to develop the capacity to observe yourself with a sense of curiosity (even in those instances where you discover something in your present-moment experience that you find less than pleasurable).

If you are unable to attend these movement classes, the next best option is to be put on our mailing list for any upcoming EMM classes.  Simply send an email to [email protected] and put “Mailing list for Special Topic EMM Classes” in the subject line. Please include your full name and any other contact information you would like us to have in the body of the e-mail.