"You Can't forget how to ride a bike." Or can you??

As it turns out, you CAN "unlearn" even "unconscious learnings".

Destin Sandlin, an engineer, demonstrates and explains how it was that he forgot how to ride a bike (something he learned at an early age, that had become unconscious). Since he was 6 years old, Destin didn’t have to re-think how to ride a bike. He just did it! How can one “forget” such a thing you might be asking? Destin Sandlin did forget! So, he was baffled as well. Fortunately, he was as curious, as he was baffled.

Dr. Parker has edited and expanded upon Destin’s video, for educational purposes only. Her intention was to give hope and inspire all those people who believe “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – all of those people who believe that you cannot change your brain after a certain age. She wanted to inspire all those people who believe they are destined to the current life they are living, despite how unsatisfactory their current existence may be in their mind (despite how anxious and fearful they are, despite how much chronic pain they are in, despite how depressed they are, despite how lacking in energy they are). These people believe they just have to “grin and bear it.” They don’t!

Some of these people believe that their current existence is the culmination of all that they “learned” and experienced at an early age, that became unconscious. And they believe, that nothing can be done. But Dr. Parker demonstrates, that in fact, something can be done! We CAN change our brains. We can un-learn these unconscious destructive, mental, emotional and physical habits. She has used this visual creation of Destin’s to demonstrate what IS true. We can, in fact, “un-learn” the mental, emotional, and physical “learnings” that have been unconscious, but that no longer serve us.”