A One-on-One Approach to Feldenkrais

Comfortably clothed, you lie or sit on a low padded table. In these private lessons, movement is guided by the hands of the practitioner. The learning is communicated through slow, gentle touch. Specific and precise instructive touch is combined with verbal cues in order to effectively assist the student in increasing their self-awareness. The movements alter habitual patterns and provide new information directly to the neuromuscular system. New patterns of movement emerge and new possibilities for self-expression open up. The student slowly begins to recall the well-being of a growing young child.

Private lessons are $140.00 per session. To inquire about appointment availability, please e-mail us ([email protected]).

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Lessons typically last 50 minutes – 1 hour.

An images showing a Feldenkrais Private session. They are called Functional Integration Lessons