Image of group Feldenkrais class

The following are a few brief comments made by those who have experienced either Private Feldenkrais Lessons (Functional Integration Lessons) or Feldenkrais classes (Awareness Through Movement) at the Center for Human Integration.

These comments were made spontaneously.  Sometimes, the student would simply comment after a private lesson.  At other times, the students may comment via an email after a private lesson or a class.  Permission to cite these comments has been given by the individuals, but their names have been omitted in order to protect their privacy.

“I feel as though I never knew what it meant to be truly at ease until, one day after a private session, I felt the most amazing joy and acceptance. Lori is very informative; her touch alone brings awareness.”


“With respect to the most recent hip lesson, you gave in class on Saturday — It brought fresh perspective and greatly increased mobility. What is most impressive however is how this method continues to unfold, integrate and balance my entire body, my mind and my emotional self. As an added bonus, I continue to experience an enormous reduction in anxiety.”


“I am continually amazed at the results of this work. After a class, everything looks more clear, more defined; the colors are so pure. It is remarkable that the smallest of movements can result not only in greater ease of movement, but also in such clarity of vision.”


“After receiving a private lesson at the Center for Integration, I had this incredibly light feeling. It was as if my movements were effortless. I remember thinking, ‘This is how the skeleton and musculature is supposed to function.'”


“I’m out of the country, but just wanted to let you know I am finding ways to walk a lot without pain, even with my injured right knee. I just finished walking, for a full day, through a lot of steep staircases in Pompeii and the Herculaneum ruins in Naples. I was able to do this all because I paid attention to how my right knee felt with different variation of movements, just like in class! Of course . . . I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being able to attend your classes.”


“Thank you for all of your comments in class on over efforting. It helped me get over my tennis slump!”


“As I laid on the table after a private lesson, I felt overall more connected – more integrated. Then when I stood up, I felt very heavy – very solid – as if I was deeply rooted in the earth. A sense of euphoria flooded over me and in response to this new sensation and feeling, I burst into spontaneous laughter.”


“Just four months ago I started taking guitar classes (I have never touched one in my life before). I am finding the fingering coordination very difficult. So, I turned to something I learned from you in class. I started moving my fingers to where they need to be very slowly, and to pluck each string one by one very slowly. I did this until I got a sense of how my fingers tend to move. And I used that information to make adjustments. The teacher told me that I am mastering the coordination much faster than his other students! He also said that he is very comfortable giving me more difficult pieces for the next recital (my first one)! So don’t stop sharing your wisdom. It’s not getting wasted.”