The Benefits Of Slowing Down

The Feldenkrais principle of slowing down, applied to everyday life.

In Feldenkrais movements lessons, we do movements very slowly for several reasons. But this principle of “slowing down” is also very important in daily life. This short (7-minute) video helps you get a very clear picture of the benefits of slowing down and staying in the present moment . . . in your daily life. This video also helps you to get a very clear picture of what you are doing to yourself, unknowingly, when you don’t slow down. You are causing yourself to move in the direction of overwhelm, ill-health, unnecessary suffering and discord in your relationships. With the added stress that came with pandemic (and remains today), doing Feldenkrais Movement Lessons . . . and slowing down, in daily life, is more important than ever.

Ideal Positions

A guide to optimum positions for Feldenkrais Awareness Though Movement (ATM) lessons

The document below (also available here) provides a visual guide to the ideal positions you want to be in for lessons on your side, your stomach and your back. You may be asked, in the context of a lesson, to do something different from what you see in this guide. The positions shown are generally the ideal starting points.